What a successful trader’ s face look like? Nobody knows, financial speculation is a monster with many heads. Usually the trading on line industry shows to the public just some pieces of the reality, successful traders are often the precise reverse of what you should expect. Some of them are what a merciless speculator is supposed to be: cute, cold blood, somehow perverse as far as humanity is concerned, Porche and many mistresses. In many cases they are family’s men, poorly dressed, living in a decent flat in some little villages outskirts.

A unique occasion to look in the dragon’s eyes is the Top Trader Championship, whose final round took place in Rimini on May 22th. More than 250 traders coming from Ukraine to Italy registered themselves to trader with real money in this 3 months unparalleled competition. Just 150 traders arrived to the final standing, leaving 100 dead and fatally wounded traders behind them. The final round in Rimini was a real occasion for the average trader to understand how subtle is the distinction in between a lucky trader and a good trader.

The final round was surely dominated by 2 Italian traders whose stories deserved to be told. The winner of the final round was Stefano Bagnoli with a daily return of + 6%. Stefano Bagnoli realized a 3 months performance of +99.72% trading Italian stocks and classified second in the Stock Category in the Directa team.

Basically his presence at the Championship was a constant since the first editions but results was never bright and he never ended up in the top traders. This year eventually the boom. Stefano Bagnoli states his returns are constant and positive and he makes money every day, let’s suppose +6% per day. The question is: can a not performing trader become a successful money machine ? The experience of Stefano Bagnoli says “yes, you can”. It takes 11 years but you can. By the way how much time does it take to become a successful lawyer or a successful surgeon ?

The other trader who gave feed for  thought was Maurizio Maggini, a systematic trader netting a wonderful +114,09% in 3 months trading futures with his trading systems in the ActivTrades team. His equity line during the championship was a dreamful one, really smooth and straight upward sloping. Maurizio Maggini is a former professional programmer who turned himself in a quant trader.

If his results are the same he proved himself able to do during the championship a sultan’s standard of life is assured. So why to found a website and selling his signals ? This experience tells you another story: the money you make with trading is not the same money you make with an ordinary job like selling signals.

Trading is a daunting nightmare is you just rely on the money you make on the markets so there is nothing bad if you try to exploit your experience re-selling your skills as a businessman. So when you doubt about the seriousness of the trading on line industry be careful not to throw out the baby with the bath water.


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Emilio Tomasini is Chief Editor of the Italian edition of TRADERS’ MAGAZINE (www.traders-mag.it), the leading monthly publication in Europe for trading and investment, and since 1999 he organizes the TRADERS’ CUP the most important real money European trading competition (www.traders-cup.it). His personal weekly free newsletter L’Indipendente di Borsa (www.indipendentediborsa.it) is one of the most reputable Italian financial media and counts more than 100.000 readers. His website in English is www.emiliotomasini.com

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