This was the last article I wrote for TRADERS’ MAGAZINE

Old soldiers never die. I do not know if I am an old soldier but surely this experience on Traders’ Magazine will never die. At least for me. For the first time in my life I had an exposure to a true European audience that I tried to delight with my writing but that in exchange it gave me surely more info to what I gave to it. The many emails and phone calls I got from the readers are the best price for this work that already lasts since 2008. Now it is time to go: too many professional engagements force me to stop this monthly contribution to the most renown and appreciable technical analysis magazine in Europe.

A big thank to all the readers that for many months were so patient to bear all my writings: I could not really believe to find among them so many professional and serious traders that always asked me many questions about trading methodologies and trading systems. Another big thank to Lothar Albert, the publisher of this magazine, that got the crazy idea to let a not-native German speaker to write a column in German so full of personal details, quotes and jokes. And a last thank to all the Traders’ magazine employees that had the patience to translate into German my long sermon in English.

Life is strange so that it could happen my fate will cross again the readers’ one. For the moment more pressuring events like to have a large family and trade the markets are really overwhelming my limited working time. You see, for those that love the markets as I do to write a column is nothing. But when you work 12 hours per day you need to be sure that not only you is the guy who like to do it but also your wife and over all your kids.

Since my kids are too young to know if the will like to devote their life to the trading arena it must be better to spend more time with them instead of spending time with the markets. Usually in these circumstances a statement like this is considered obvious but never it was more frank than in this one. When you write an article it is a 2 ways process: with a hand you give and with the other hand you receive. And from Traders’ magazine readers I got a lot.

A final point: for those that are systematic traders it seems that to trade is a no work no pain process. This is far from true: you need to invest all you energy, all your mind in order to be successful and over all in order to get from the markets the returns you need. Returns are never expected but are always needed, because if you do not make money you go home and change your job. This is the most demanding business in the world.

Maybe it is because I passed that 40’s years hurdle, maybe it is the family that absorbs more energy than before, maybe simply because I am an old fox in this business and I know how to skin the cat, the pleasure I believe to give away to the readers when I write is much less that what I got in terms of cute observations or  feed back from the readers.

So it is time to stop.

I frankly hope that my column on this magazine was helpful for somebody and over all it was also relaxing. It this job has a disadvantage is that everybody presumes it must be serious. Nothing is much more false. Trading the markets can be a long-reaching endevour only if it must mix seriousness with humor, if it is true that somebody who is intellectually clever must be also full of humor.

Now the task to market returns to the readers: I whish you all the best success in trading for the next, at least, 20 years.




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